5 Benefits to Sleeping in a Hammock

It is very common for Brazilians to sleep in a hammock. And traditional Brazilian hammocks are certainly very comfortable to sleep in, not only that but there are several benefits associated with sleeping in a hammock. 

1) You fall asleep more quickly.

The rocking motion of the hammock allows you to fall asleep faster, researchers from the University of Geneva have also found that this can mean you have a deeper sleep!

2) You will be less restless.

A hammock adapts to the shape of your body, meaning that you move around less. Therefore, you will be much more comfy as you don't need to move around to accommodate pressure points due to body weight.

3) Hammocks can help with back pain.

With the right posture, back pain will be relieved as the hammock will adapt to your sleeping position.

4) Regulate your temperature.

Hammocks are well ventilated, meaning that in hot climates you will feel a lot cooler as opposed to sleeping on a mattress or with a cover.

5) No more bed bugs!

Hammocks have no breeding ground for bed bugs or dust mites. Additionally, a hammock is much easier to wash than a mattress, so you can keep your sleeping area more hygienic.

Try sleeping in a hammock and experience these benefits for yourself!