How a Hammock Can Benefit Someone on the Autism Spectrum

Hammocks can have many benefits for neurotypical people. The swinging motion of the hammock can have a calming effect which helps to alleviate stress and prevent or de-escalate stressful situations. Additionally, people on the spectrum might have sensory issues and can be often overloaded with stimuli, this is a common issue particularly at bedtime which means that those individuals may find it harder to sleep. The rocking motion of the hammock helps them to fall asleep faster. One more benefit that this swaying motion has is that is stimulates the vestibular system. That means that the hammock promotes the sense of balance and coordination.

Another reason why a hammock is great for children on the spectrum because it promotes the idea of creativity. It allows them to have a safe space to play and interact with others and promotes using their imagination. So, the hammock can become a boat or a rollercoaster among other things.

It is clear that there is more research that can be done into the benefits of hammocks for neuro divergent people, but for now the benefits of hanging chairs and hammocks have been proven and parents are constantly investing in these new ideas and ways of helping to alleviate stress.