Amazonas Seals of Quality: FSC The Mark of Responsible Forestry

FSC(TM) – certified wood from sustainable forestry

And why is sustainable forest management so important?

The coexistence of different animals, plants and fungi in the forest has developed over thousands of years and has formed a stable unit that is extremely resistant to natural influences.
Only human influences can break this balance and cause the extinction of rare creatures and plants.
To prevent this, our wood suppliers work according to the criteria of the FSCTM and operate a sustainable management of their forests.

The FSCTM label on a product is a clear indicator that the product originates from responsible forest management - products with the FSCTM label ensure that forests are used in accordance with the social, economic and ecological needs of present and future generations.

In order to guarantee you sustainable forest management, our suppliers must meet the following criteria:

• Preservation of large parts of the biotope wood to preserve habitat for (rare) plants, animals and fungi
• Avoidance of clear-cutting
• Natural forest rejuvenation
• Precautionary measures for environmental protection
• No use of chemical fertilizers and biocides
• Planned management (balance between planned wood use and sustainability)
• Decent and socially acceptable working conditions for employees
• Observance of property rights and rights of use of the forests

With the purchase of AMAZONAS products you support a sustainable use of forests and make an important contribution to a healthy environment

Look for FSCTM certified products. You can recognize all our FSCTM certified products by the FSCTM label shown.

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