Amazonas Seals of Quality: Traditional Handcraft

Brazilian Hammocks made in the Traditional Handcraft

Our Brazilian hammocks are handmade in the traditional way. Thanks to the well-trained and experienced staff we achieve original Brazilian quality at the highest level.

We are very proud to offer up to 100 people in the very poor northeast of Brazil a secure job.

Quality controls are the be-all and end-all for us. We regularly visit our production facilities in person and make sure that there is no child labor.

Our Brazilian hammocks are produced in the following 5 demanding steps:

1. Selection criteria of the means of production

When selecting the threads, we pay precise attention to stability and color fastness. We also incorporate the results of laboratory tests for freedom from harmful substances into our decisions. For ecological reasons, our colored threads are made of high-quality recycled materials.

2. Preparations
The threads are wound on the loom's roll according to the later pattern of the hammock. At the same time these threads are wound on spindles for the cross threads.

3. The loom is set up
The loom master, a highly respected profession, sets up the loom. Up to 6000 longitudinal threads must be knotted precisely by hand. This takes a whole working day. The loom is now equipped with a roll of longitudinal threads and ready for the next step.

4. The process begins
Now the weaver weaves in the cross threads. He creates 5-20 hammocks per day at his loom. The high number of threads and the power of the loom determine the density of the hammock fabric and thus its stability

5. Sturdy, handmade suspension cords are incorporated and complete the production process

In the meantime, the hanging cords are handmade from the same cotton threads in the traditional crochet machines. We use a little more material than usual, which makes the cords extra thick and makes the AMAZONAS hammocks especially tear-resistant, sometimes coping with loads of up to 280 kg.

After 1-2 weeks a roll of hammock fabric is ready woven and can be cut into the right lengths. The ends are provided with a continuous loop cord, the whole thing is sewn around with an extra strong 5-fold seam.

In careful manual work the cords are bound in the correct length to the nearly finished hammocks. This way the suspension loop is reinforced and the punctual loads of the finished hammock are perfectly balanced. (So when you turn around in the hammock, you will not fall out immediately)

Extra elaborate handcraft for Macrame-Veranda
For some models like "Rio" or "Palacio" the previously hand-woven macrame veranda (side fringes) must now be sewn on. For our family hammocks another very important step is necessary. An additional woven band is woven by hand between the cords for decoration and higher spreading strength.

In the meantime, the same-colored carrying bag for the hammocks is also being finished. A final quality control of each hammock follows. Then the faultless product is folded and can start its journey into the wide world.