Guide to Staying Cool While Hammock Camping in Hot Weather

Embarking on a Hammock Camping Adventure with Amazonas
Dreaming of backpacking or camping under the stars? If a hammock is your choice for a night in the wilderness, we're here to share essential tips for a comfortable experience, free from the dreaded frozen butt syndrome. Let's dive into how to maximize your comfort and warmth during hammock camping.

Setting Up Your Hammock: The Perfect Hang

  • 30-Degree Angle for Comfort: The ideal hammock setup involves suspending it at a 30-degree angle. The distance between trees dictates strap height on the trunks. Check the ridge line for a comfortable hang – it shouldn't be too tight or too loose.

Watch a video on how to use the Ultra-light Adventure Tarp

Tarp Protection: Shielding from the Elements

  • Lightweight Silicon Covers: Tarps are essential for guarding against rain, wind, and cold. Our Ultra-Light Tarp, also available with a mosquito net, is perfect for backpackers and canoe campers. Set it up over your hammock, and you can even store your gear beneath it. Explore the MoskitoTarp.

Smart Storage Solutions: Protecting Your Gear

  • Safeguarding Against Nature: When taking a stroll, ensure your hammock is safely stowed, especially without a tarp overhead. Uncovered hammocks can attract bugs, bird droppings, or rain. Opt for our popular Ultra-Light Tarp for added protection. Get the Ultra-Light Tarp.

Underquilt Essentials: Staying Warm at Night

  • Combatting the Cold: To prevent cold air from chilling you in your hammock, an underquilt is key. It wraps beneath the hammock, offering crucial insulation. For a budget-friendly alternative, a closed foam mat from any department store can work, especially with a double-layered hammock for a secure fit.

Mosquito and Bug Nets: Summer Night Saviors

  • Bugs Be Gone: In summer, a mosquito net is invaluable, keeping away mosquitoes, twigs, and leaves, without obstructing your star-gazing experience. Check out our Moskito Traveller Hammock with an integrated mosquito net. View the Moskito Traveller Hammock.

Mastering the Hammock Lay: Achieving Flat Comfort

  • Avoid the Banana Shape: Rather than lying in a curve, aim for a flat position, much like sleeping in a bed. Shift your body sideways until you find a flat, comfortable alignment.

Wrap-Up: Your Hammock Camping Toolkit There you have it – top tips for your hammock camping journey. Which tip was the most helpful? Don't forget to explore our award-winning hammocks; Amazonas was voted Best Hammock in 2021. Happy hammock camping!