Health Benefits of a Hammock

Many people buy hammocks for a comfy place to relax, or as a stylish addition to the home or garden. However, what often goes unknown is that hammocks have several health benefits and therapeutic effects. This blog will highlight just a few, however we also have other blogs which show targeted benefits, such as how hammocks can help children on the autism spectrum and how babies can benefit from a hammock.

Laying in a hammock can prevent tension.

If you lay in the hammock correctly, this can relieve pressure points around your body. In particular the back, as the curvature of the spine is supported. This minimal stress on your body allows you to fully relax and promotes gentle blood flow around the body.

You can get a better night’s sleep.

Traditionally, hammocks were primarily used to avoid dangerous animals and insects and the hard rainforest floor. Yet, the gentle rocking motion of the hammock really helps you to relax, whilst being cradled by the fabric. Then the process of REM can begin, where your brain can process information that has happened in the day and promote blood flow to muscles, allowing you to wake up with a rested body and mind.  Some also claim that sleeping in a hammock has reduced their snoring and helped with insomnia! More on this can be found here.

Hammocks can help your mental wellbeing.

Sitting in a hammock can make you feel calmer, reduce anxiety and boost creativity. You don’t have to sit in a hammock all day to feel the benefits, after sitting on an office chair and taking a few minutes break to sit in a hammock chair can really help you feel the benefits of a hammock. This will help you refresh your mind before you return to work or the task at hand.