Choosing How to Hang Your Hammock

Just as each person has a preference for decoration, clothing style, how they take their tea etc, each person will have a preference as to how they like to hang their hammock. Some people prefer a hammock that you can lay down in, some prefer a hanging chair. Hammocks are truly versatile from the style you pick, to how you hang it up. Take a look at this guide on mounting options and what accessories you may need, and this guide contains many useful diagrams which will help you to hang your hammock depending on the model that you have.

A general guide is to always to hang with a 40-50cm space from the bottom of the hammock to the floor. Remember that the hammock will stretch when you sit in it, so don’t worry if this looks a little high at first glance.

In the case of a hammock chair, you can hang your chair directly from the ceiling using fixings, or you can choose to use a hammock chair stand. When hanging from a ceiling it is best to use a Power Hook, but when hanging from wooden beams or posts it's best to use Jumbo Fixings. It’s completely up to you.

The same can be said for a regular hammock, you can choose to hang it between two trees, or you may want to use a stand. For hanging between to trees, we recommend using smart or micro rope fixings. (If you only have one tree or one wall, you can use the Madera Post to support the other side.)

The easiest option of all is to choose a set, as these bundles come with a hammock chair or hammock and compatible stand. The stand is easy to assemble, just choose the design you like - no need to worry about fixings.

If you need any assistance when buying our hammocks, don't hesitate to contact us.