Introducing the Amazonas Certified Reseller Program

As a brand synonymous with quality and craftsmanship, we at Amazonas are excited to announce our new Certified Reseller Program! This initiative is designed to help our customers easily identify and purchase from trusted sellers who offer genuine, handcrafted Amazonas products. We understand that our customers value authenticity, and we want to ensure that you receive the finest products with our quality, safety, and support promise.

What is a Certified Reseller?

A Certified Reseller is an authorized seller of Amazonas products. When you purchase from a Certified Reseller, you can be confident that you are buying an authentic, handcrafted Amazonas item that comes with our exclusive Certified Promise.

The Certified Promise ✓

  • Expertly handcrafted by Amazonas, combining traditional Brazilian techniques with precise German engineering.
  • 1-year warranty on hammocks, 2-year warranty on stands, providing peace of mind.
  • Quality and safety independently verified under TUV and GS standards.
  • Supports Brazilian street children with a donation made for every order.
  • Produced sustainably with minimal environmental impact and fair labor practices.
  • FSC-certified wood and recycled cotton used whenever possible, reflecting our commitment to sustainability.

The Amazonas Certified Reseller Program is our commitment to ensuring customers have a seamless and trustworthy shopping experience when purchasing our authentic, handcrafted products. By identifying and partnering with authorized sellers, we can guarantee that our customers receive the quality, safety, and support that they deserve.

As a customer, when you choose to buy from a Certified Reseller, you not only receive a genuine Amazonas product but also contribute to the betterment of Brazilian street children through our donations. Together, we can make a difference while enjoying the comfort and craftsmanship of our sustainable, eco-friendly products.

So, go ahead and explore our list of Certified Resellers, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with buying from a trusted Amazonas partner. Happy hammock shopping!