How the Koala Baby Hammock Can Benefit Your Child

The curved position of the baby during their development in the womb means that the baby is born with a rounded back. After the baby is born, the spine slowly stretches and after a year the child can start to stand and walk on their own. 

Hammocks designed for babies will support this natural development. The ability of a hammock to adapt to the shape of the body means that this gives a sense of security as it mimics the feeling of being in the womb.

Additionally the baby will feel the soothing effects of a gentle rocking, which is a a proven method to help calm infants. Not only that, but the rocking movement promotes the development of balance and coordination. 

Lying a baby in a hammock also means that the abdomen is supported which helps babies with the issue of flatulence as it makes it easier to relieve, and the body will not be overstretched.

The Koala Baby Hammock is TÜV tested and is high quality, ensuring safety for your little one.