Revealing the Ultimate Camo Hammock for Nature Lovers

Introduction: Gear Up for the Great Outdoors In outdoor adventures, the right equipment is crucial for success and enjoyment. For hunting, bird watching, or camping enthusiasts, a dependable hammock is key. Enter the world of camo hammocks, combining functionality with stealth. The Amazonas Traveller Set Forest stands out as a leading choice for outdoor lovers.

amazonas ultralight hammock outdoor setting

amazonas ultralight hammock outdoor setting @cord_outdoors showcasing the Amazonas Ultra-Light Hammock

Camo Mastery for All Seasons

  • Seamless Nature Blend: The Amazonas Traveller Set Forest epitomizes outdoor adaptability. Its unique camouflage pattern, inspired by forest landscapes, allows it to blend effortlessly into various environments. Ideal for hunters, bird watchers, and wild campers, this hammock incorporates leaves, trees, and natural colors for optimal concealment throughout the year.

Ultralight and Compact Comfort

  • Featherweight Outdoor Solution: Weighing just 1,240g, the Traveller Set is a testament to ultralight outdoor equipment. This all-encompassing set includes a hammock, tarp, and suspension system. The Moskito Traveller Forest features an integrated mosquito net for bug-free relaxation, while the Traveller Tarp Forest (weighing only 650g) offers additional shelter. The Adventure Rope suspension system is compact yet strong, supporting up to 150 kg.

Simplicity in Setup and Adjustment

  • User-Friendly Design: The Traveller Set Forest is engineered for effortless use. The hammock's mosquito net suspension allows for quick setup and adjustment without additional anchoring. The Adventure Rope is as small as a mobile phone when packed, yet provides secure and adjustable suspension, complete with tree protection.

Enhance Your Experience with the Underquilt-Poncho

  • Stay Warm and Comfortable: For cooler nights, the Underquilt-Poncho (sold separately) is the perfect addition to your Traveller Set, ensuring warmth and comfort in lower temperatures.

Adventure Awaits with Amazonas

Gear up for your outdoor adventures confidently with the Amazonas Traveller Set Forest, offering the perfect balance of weight, stability, and affordability.

Amazonas Ultra-Light Traveller Set Forest £265.10 at Simply Hammocks

Amazonas Ultralight Hammock: Revolutionizing Outdoor Gear

In the world of outdoor equipment, the Amazonas Traveller Set Forest is a game-changer. Its lightweight, compact design, and unparalleled camouflage make it an ideal companion for immersive outdoor experiences. Elevate your adventures with Amazonas, where each hammock is more than just equipment – it's an essential part of your journey into nature.