Why You Might Need an Underquilt for Hammock Camping: Understanding Its Purpose

Understanding the Underquilt
An underquilt is a crucial accessory for hammock camping, particularly in cooler climates. It's essentially insulated material hanging beneath your hammock to retain heat and provide warmth. Underquilts become essential when temperatures drop below 4°C (40°F), complementing our adventure hammocks and compatible with various hammock models. Here's a look at some underquilt options available on our site:

The Amazonas Underquilt: Shield Against the Cold
Ideal for pairing with our ultra-light hammock range, the Amazonas Underquilt offers superior protection against the cold. It features durable 100% nylon ripstop outer material and a filling of 100% hollow polyester fibers for coziness. This underquilt, when used with an appropriate ground pad, can withstand even lower temperatures. View the Amazonas Underquilt.

Underquilt XXL: Extra Comfort for Large Hammocks
Designed for larger hammocks, the Underquilt XXL ensures warmth and comfort. It's perfect for hammocks with a lying surface of 300-350 cm and comes in a natural green color to blend with the outdoors. Enjoy the warmth and comfort as you drift off to sleep in nature.

The Multifunctional Underquilt Poncho
The Underquilt Poncho is a versatile accessory, serving both as a thermal underlay for your hammock and a warm poncho. With one-size-fits-all convenience and thermolite microfiber lining, it provides exceptional warmth. This underquilt is effective down to zero degrees and, with a ground pad, can handle sub-freezing temperatures. Watch a video on the Underquilt Poncho.

 Don't Forget the Topquilt!

For complete insulation, consider the Topquilt. It provides thermal insulation from above when you're nestled in your Ultra-Light hammock. Its conical shape is designed for hammock sleeping without bothersome zippers, allowing for easy movement and comfort. The closed lower end ensures extra warmth for your legs. Combine it with an Underquilt for chillier nights, or use it as a regular blanket when not in a hammock. Suitable for temperatures around 4°C (41°F), the Topquilt is a versatile addition to your hammock setup. View the Topquilt.