Amazonas hammocks and stands are known as the highest quality and stable products in the entire hammock sector, both in Germany and internationally. This is because we are consistently optimising our products in the best interests of our customers, and we’re always open to suggestions from our customers. We pride ourselves on the lively exchange of experiences with our specialist dealers and all Amazonas hammock users.

All of our “natural” coloured Brazilian hammocks and hanging chairs are made from 100% Recycled, untreated Brazilian cotton. Whilst every colour of our coloured hammocks and hanging chairs are guaranteed AZO-free (nontoxic dyes).

The certifications you see Amazonas holds below are not legally needed nor are they required for products in this industry, these are certifications that we pride ourselves on and constantly strive to add to.

The Intertek GS Mark – Product Safety

The GS seal from Intertek displays the “tested safety” of a product, this is not something that is easily achieved. In order for a product to be awarded a GS seal, standardized technical procedures are used to check whether a product complies with European Safety Standards, predominantly German requirements as well as additional product-dependent requirements. This GS seal mark is based on German Product Safety Act and an officially approved mark by the German government, which can be only be awarded by an independent, industry-recognized testing and certification body to remove any foul play or false awarding.

WA voluntary GS test of Amazonas Products removes any risk of injury later to the user, you can find more information here www.intertek.de


EllTex: ExtraLongLastingTEXtile

Elltex hammocks and hanging chairs have the highest levels of weather resistance as it’s a unique polyester-cotton blend exclusive to Amazonas, as we engineered it. The properties of Elltex is weather-resistance, mildew protected, UV bleaching resistant and colourfast. As soft as cotton with the weather-resistance properties you want.


FSC – Responsible forest management

Amazonas only uses 100% FSC certified wood for its products that have come from responsibly managed European forests. The FSCTM mark is an indicator that the raw materials for that product have been harvested in an environmentally friendly manner. An FSC mark ensures the prevention of deforestation, sustainably harvest the materials in accordance with the social, economic and ecological needs of current and future generations.


Agora fabrics are a unique combination of spinneret-coloured acrylics fabrics that means it’s extremely resistant, lightfast and insensitive to dirt. The scientific term used to refer to how they allow water to simply roll off is the Lotus Effect. These through-dyed fibres of the Agora fabric achieve a high level of light and weather resistance, whilst the aid of innovative colour fixing means the material retains its shape and colour for years.

Recycling – Amazonas Sustainability

All Amazonas hammocks use recycled yarn in an eco-friendly way when woven. Using a technique in which the cuttings are processed back into the yarn, factors into the conservation of natural raw resources of our planet. To increase the stability of shorter fibres, 15% polyester threads are added. Resources whose colouring are subject to strict controls are only used.


Preserving water

It’s true the production of cotton places a large burden on the environment, although 2.4% of the world’s arable land is planted with cotton, it’s one of the most pesticide-dependent corps in the world, accounting for a huge 25% worldwide.  A ton of cotton requires a minimum of 18,000 litres of drinking water, water that is needed much more in midwestern agriculture. With fewer cotton plantations, more vital water for people and nature means fewer pesticides and insecticides. Our simple technique, in which scraps from the cuttings are reprocessed into yarn means we are constantly recycling material and helping to preserve natural resources. 


Amazonas connects to the dual system/industry system “Interseroh” (Participant number 132903)

As one of the leading recycling and environmental service provides in Germany, they help Amazonas recycle its packaging materials and reduce Co2 emissions. Saving over 13,200 kg of Co2 annually through innovative sustainable action in our packaging area, this amount of emissions corresponds to a common compact class vehicle over 76,700km. Recycled materials such as PET bottles are used as filling for a variety of Amazonas’s garden furniture upholstery. This and many other things have allowed used us to achieve the TUV Safety Mark ISO 9001.