“Der Kleine Nazareno”

We from AMAZONAS have personally visited this project on-site. It moved us, moved us a lot and convinced us that we will support it with 20,000 Euros annually. So we, and you as a customer, can not only bring work and progress to Brazil through hammock production but also create a future for Brazilian street children.”

 On average, there are 32,000 children living completely neglected on the streets of Brazil. Fighting for their lives every day against the crippling reality of hunger, cold, prostitution and drugs, all whilst living in constant fear of violent gang and police attacks.

With the desire to enable these children to have a humane existence, the association “Der Kleine Nazareno e.V.” was founded in 1994. Over the last 10 years, this association has been able to create two Nazareno Villages which are home to over 110 children, keeping them safe.

Located outside the centres of Fortaleza and Recife, these villages offer the children accommodation with 24 hours care and encouragement. From the first day of a child accommodating here, they attend one of the state-approved schools with the choice to progress onto a secondary school should they wish. As young as 15, their lessons are supplemented by practical vocational training.

But “Der Kleine Nazareno e.V.” doesn’t stop there. The children are also supported in their search for work, accompanied at every step until they are able to stand on their own two feet. Amazonas is regularly in close contact with the founder and director of the aid organisation and this is something we hold close to our heart.