Fair Working

For many generations, South American people have spent their nights, traditionally, in a hammock as it served as a sleeping chamber away from creatures on the ground. This meant that South American become the hammock production capital of the world, up until a few years ago. Traditional hammock production suffered a horrific collapse when a cheaper foam mattress from the Far East was introduced, replacing a hammock as a bed. Due to the sudden arrival of this competitor, numerous factories in Ceara were forced to close leaving hundreds of employees jobless. Not only did this have a dramatic effect on the hammock world, but also lead to a higher level of socio-economic segregation between South American people with rapidly growing levels of poverty.

Amazonas renovates insolvent factory and breaths life back into the deteriorating economy

Rather than create their own unique warehouse, we chose one of these abandoned hammock factories, which became the birthplace of Amazonas. Accompanied by a colent. The rapid growth of Amazonas lead to a demand surplus in 2002, so the old buildings were demolished, replaced by a new modernised production hall. This modernised production hall was equipped with additional manufacturing equipment like looms, and a new exhaust system to ensure a dust and dirt free working environment.

Safety & Health are paramount

Exporting our traditional Brazilian hammocks brings a wide variety of other advantages for our employees. The pure quality of the raw materials we use corresponds to all European Standards; environmental compatibility of the colours used not only benefits Brazilian waters but means a healthy workplace for employees who process the dyed cotton. The dyed cotton facility is the only place in the entire establishment where headphones are used as noise protection.

Continuous improvement of safety and quality

Whilst we already ensure we maintain health and safety standards higher than that of the legal requirement, we regularly analyse our hammocks for AZO dyes, heavy metals, formaldehyde, and other harmful chemicals to ensure safety and wellbeing of our employees.