Hammock Angel Length Adjuster

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Hammock too long? Don't worry. 

Our Hammock Angel is a chic, ingenuitive way to shorten your hammock without any problems. This means no more troublesome knots in your hammock which can see make it tear. 

Simply guide the hammock suspension (hammock eye), through the Hammock Angel, hook into the hammock wall hook or frame. 

With this, even long hammocks will fit into the distance no matter where you hang them.

Reduction Length: approx. 25 cm per individual Angel
Weight: 0.4 kg
Load capacity: 200 kg
Material: 100% Galvanised Metal 
Bag Measurements: approx. 13 x 22 x 16cm
Pack Contents 2 x Hammock Angel, Instruction Manual 
Commodity Number: 7269098900

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