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XXXL Gigante Hammock

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Recommended for: 4 person families, or couples who want some additional room. 

BecauseThe XXXL Gigante Hammock is extremely tightly woven from 85% recycled cotton hammock fibres that, along with the suspension cords, causes the hammock to fan out perfectly, supporting a feeling of weightlessness. Packing down into its accompanying reusable cloth bag, the Traditional Brazilian craftsmanship guarantees exceptional stability.

Ideal for families who want to find something that allows them to spend more time together, or for couples who want a spacious romantic getaway in their garden. 

Traditional and sustainable craft products, made in Brazil under fair working conditions

Lying surface: ca. 300 x 200 cm
Total length: ca. 450 cm
Load-bearing capacity: max. 280 kg
Weight: ca. 3,3 kg
Minimum suspension distance: ≥ 390 cm
Rec. distance from the floor: ca. 40 - 50 cm
Material: 85% cotton (recycled), 15% polyester
400 g/m2 dense fabric